Entry Requirements Undergraduate Programs (International)

    ACADEMIC YEAR 2019/2020

    Major High School Diploma* General Requirements Entrance Test
    International Accounting & Finance All Majors of SMA, SMK
    • Passing BINUS INTERNATIONAL Entrance Test
    • International TOEFL Score of 550 or better
    • Test of Written English Score of 4.0 or better
    • Official IELTS 6.5 overall or better WITH 5.5 for Writing Module or better
    • Official iBT (internet based TOEFL) Of 80 overall or better WITH 18 for Writing Module or better
    • Pre University English 150 hours if TOEFL scores are between 500-549 or TWE between 2,5-3,9
    • Test of Written English (TWE)
    • BINUS INTERNATIONAL English Proficiency Test (BIEPT)
      • Logic & Abstraction Non Verbal.
    Communications All Majors of SMA, SMK
    Computer Science SMA – IPA, SMK**
    Business Information Systems All Majors of SMA, SMK
    International Business All Majors of SMA, SMK
    Business Management & Marketing All Majors of SMA, SMK
    Form Fulfillment
    1. Complete an Application Form (via agent, headquarter, online)
    2. Submit 2 (two) pieces of 3×4-sized photographs
    3. Submit 1 (one) copy of High School Reports (Grade 10-12)

    Registration Types:

    1. Standard, the candidates are high school graduation.
    2. Scholarship
    The Entrance Test
    Every candidate must do the entrance test based on given schedule at entrance test card.

    • The participant must bring his entrance test card, identity card (ID / Driving license / Student card).
    • The candidates is suggested to come 30 minutes before the test begin. The candidate who is more than thirty minutes late will not allowed doing the test.
    • The candidates must dress neatly and wear shoes.
    • It is suggested not to bring precious thing during the test. BINUS INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY is not responsible to any loss of the things.
    • The Entrance result is confidential and final.
    Result Announcement
    If the candidates pass the entrance test, the candidates should complete payment of tuition fee 1st semester and return the re-registration document at admission office.


    The re-registration procedural will be individually explained in the re-registration guideline together with the re-registration form
    Procedures For New Student´s Resignation and Refund
    Condition Form of Refund
    Development Fee Tuition Fee Administration Deduction
    1. The candidate student is declared as NOT PASSING the SMTA (has School Statement) Yes Yes Rp 5.000.000
    2. The candidate student is accepted, and at the same time has done re-registration in a Public University (PTN) included I the list of Kementerian Riset – Teknologi dan Pendidikan Tinggi Republik Indonesia*, level Stratum 1 (S1), except UNIVERSITAS TERBUKA. Yes Yes Rp 5.000.000
    Other than conditions No. 1 and No. 2 above Non Refundable Non Refundable
    *) The list of Public Universities (PTN) is available at


    * Senior High Certification from Overseas or International School in Indonesia needs to be legalized by the Department of National Education of Republic Indonesia.
    ** SMK Details for Computer Science: Technology, Computing, and Design (other major will be reviewed by Faculty of Computer Science)

    Notes to Consider:

    • Length of study is based on accomplishment of each student.
    • Fees will be returned, minus an administration fee, with the following conditions:
      • The student fails to graduate from High School (SMTA), or
      • The student is accepted and re-registered in a state owned university with BHMN status (UI, UGM, ITB, IPB) due to passing SNMPTN National (Strata 1)
    • Regular schedule for classes : 07.30 AM – 05.00 PM
    • SCHOLARSHIPS are available.


    For new students registration information, please contact:
    JWC Admissions
    The Joseph Wibowo Center
    Jl. Hang Lekir I No. 6 Senayan Jakarta 10270 Indonesia
    Telp. : (+62 21) 720 2222 / 720 3333 ext. 3122 – 3123 | 3164
    Faks. : (+62 21) 720 8569 / 720 5555
    E-mail :
    Website :

    Apply Online Now (recommended for speakers of Indonesian):