The Concept of Homo Ecologicus Spiritual-Ethical (an Ethical Reflection on the Ecological Humanism Concept of Henryk Skolimowski)


The co-existence between humans and nature always conveys ethical contradictions. The contradictions can be resolved by engaging in moral philosophy of environmental ethics of Henryk Skolimowski. Ethical theory, namely Aristotle’s virtue ethics, is used to interpret the ecological humanism thoughts of Skolimowski. Henryk Skolimowski’s ecological humanism can be claimed as an ethical imperative for modern human times in order to be aware of the importance of the intrinsic value of the natural ecology. Its ethics emphasize an equal position between humans and nature. It accentuates a conceptual view of the essentials of human nature called Homo Ecologicus Spiritual-Ethical (HESE). HESE is an expression of the way of human beings in nature. HESE personal traits include harmonizing knowledge and values, being sensible ecologically, living modestly, and remedying ourselves to allay nature. Personal manifestations of HESE appear in three main indicators: to respect nature, to attain justice to nature, and to create a normative policy that guarantees natural goodness. HESE is a concept of mentation that is recently considered as an alternative to end an unethical relationship between humans and nature.

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Frederikus Fios