Effect of Learning Interest Against Learning Motivation on Character Building Courses at Binus University Jakarta


Student learning achievement can be determined by student factors, teaching factors, and educational systems as whole. The concern of this research is based on student factors, especially the motivation of students to learn. There are many factors to motivate students to learn and one of them is learning interest. This research proposes to describe the contribution of learning interests against the learning motivation. To describe this contribution, this research chooses Character Building Course at Binus University as a study case. All students at Binus University have to take Character Building class. This research described how student’s interest correlated with the motivation of the students in learning Character Building. Based on the quantitative method, this research concluded that there is a correlation between a student’s interest and the student’s motivation in learning Character Building Course. The contribution of the student’s interest against the student’s motivation in learning Character Building is 9.7%. Because of the correlation is very weak, this research recommended to undergo advancing research that based on multiple variable both internal and external motivation, either on student’s level, lecturer, learning facility, teaching learning activities or learning system as whole.

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Character Building Development Center, Binus University, Jl. Kemanggisan Ilir III No. 45, Kemanggisan–Palmerah, West Jakarta, Indonesia

Yustinus Suhardi Ruman