Preventing Radicalism for Young People

The Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Cultural Affairs, Puan Maharani, said that family has an important role in preventing radicalism in Indonesia. She said that family provides the best what their children need for their development such as physical, morality and soul. So, family is the main foundation for the development of children. Family provides the nutrition, teaches them all social values and norms. Furthermore, in the family a child is trained on how to make social relation that runs in line with social values and norms.

We support what Puan Said. We acknowledge that family is fully important for all the best of what a child needs. But to empower its purpose of the important role of family, we should deepen what Puan has stated.

Puan assumed that radicalism can affect young people because of external influence. Young people involved in radicalism action happens because of their social environment. So to face this, family should equip their children with good education. By this, Puan believed that children can face all bad influences from the outside of family environment.

Puan did not realize that family is the main social environment in which radicalism among young people grows. So if we want to prevent radicalism among young people, family is the first target to be educated. Before a male and female pledge to live together as a family, they must be prepared to get good values and norms which are in line with Indonesian ideology.

Indonesian Ideology is Pancasila. Every family should have good understanding about Pancasila. The values of Pancasila is the main foundation to build Indonesian family, and Indonesian as a nation and country. If every family has the same knowledge about Pancasila, they also has the same mechanism to educate their children. Furthermore, if all Indonesian families do this, we trust that radicalism can be eliminated from Indonesia.

Yustinus Suhardi Ruman