Free Rider in Indonesian Politics

Today, citizens of Indonesia feel as if is divided into two groups.  On one side, there is those who claim themselves as pro to Indonesia characterized by the diversity. This group is supported for the unity of Indonesia. According to them, the diversity is the nature of Indonesia. Therefore denying it, we are not Indonesian, or Indonesians merely become an imagination without real facts.

But on the other side, people are grouped as opposition with the one principle of Indonesia as the unitary state. They want to change the unity principle of Indonesia to be one principle, based on the majority of religion followers. It means that Indonesia fundamental principle must be run in Muslim principles as the majority of Indonesian citizens are Muslim. 

Based on the contradiction between these groups, one question emerges: which group will take benefit from it?  In my opinion, there is a free rider that takes the benefit from the battle of the two groups. So, the two groups involving in the battle do not get anything worth from their contradiction.

Between of the two groups, there is free rider one.  Free rider is a concept to describe certain people or group who seek for benefit from the political parties.  This group does not support one of the initial groups.

In the context of today’s Indonesian politics, the free rider group take opportunity to affirm themselves as the supporters of one group that are harmed by the policy of the ruling power.  The government’s policy that is unfavorable for the second group as depicted above is dissolving all mass organizations which refuse the principle of unity of Indonesia.

The free rider group takes opportunity to attract the second group that is not benefited by the government policy.  They put themselves as a fighter for the second group.  Yet basically, they did not truly fight.  Their main purpose is to attract to get supporter for their political benefit.  They need to get more supporters for 2019 presidential election.  When they would get the power, I strongly believe that they will leave the second group.

Based on the description above, I can draw a conclusion that dividing the citizens of Indonesian only prospers the free rider groups. 

Yustinus Suhardi Ruman