We recognize that parents and guardians may want to be involved in their son’s or daughter’s university application process so we maintain a close connection with them to mutually look after the welfare of their children.

You are bound to have plenty of questions for them and for the institution of their choice. Addressing your concerns will help you to feel more comfortable about your son/daughter’s choice of University.

Our facilities and support services are available to all our students; no matter what course your son/daughter chooses.

The main campuses are big enough to offer extensive facilities, yet compact enough for our students to feel part of a close-knit friendly community


Parents and guardians of students can follow their son/daughter academic development by visiting the Parent website which we dedicated to you.

We believe that you want to know the academic development of your son/daughter, therefore we strongly encourage you to visit the Parent website regularly. Many details are included in the website, including academic records and class attendance.

We hope you like it.

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