BSSC Master of Ceremony Training Program 2024 “Art of Hosting : Professional MC Development Workshop”

In the means of striving to increase the global competency of its members, BSSC provides the MC Training Program. This program aims to find and help the growth of potential Master of Ceremonies, this program took on the theme “Art of Hosting: Professional MC Development Workshop”, with the hopes that it would develop MC skills in the participants. Following our theme, this training program was targeted for BSSC Activists, but not limited to the MC of current and upcoming events.

The training started at 7.45 p.m. on Thursday, 4th April 2024, where the MC, Felicia Susanty, welcomed the participants, followed by a prayer, hoping for the best for the training. The MC then introduced the trainer, Princess A. M. Bawekes, Vice Chairman of Finance and Event Management for BSSC 14th Presidency. In order to create a warmer atmosphere among the participants, the MC led an ice breaking session, in which all participants took part and seemingly enjoyed the session.

After the participants were given a pre-test and had a vague understanding of what they would be learning, the trainer started her training, giving the participants a clearer understanding of being an MC, the do’s and don’ts of being an MC, as well as how to be more confident and how to close an event. The participants watched eagerly, participated actively, and some of them noted down important points.

The next part, the Question-and-Answer session, went smoothly, with the participants asking things they felt  were unclear, as well as tips and tricks in regard to their own experiences. The trainer also asked the participants a few questions regarding the training materials to test the participants. After the Question-and-Answer session, one of the judges of the simulation, Steven Christian Santosa, Manager of External Affairs Division BSSC 13th Presidency, came up on stage to give his own tips and tricks to the participants regarding their concern based on their previous questions.

The participants then filled in a post-test with questions regarding the material brought by the trainer. The results showed that their understanding has grown compared to theirs when they did the pretest, as there was an over 20-point increase in the average score.

After learning the theories and being tested theoretically, it was time that the participants put their new knowledge to use. The participants were divided into four groups of two, two of which were going to be guided and evaluated by Steven Christian Santosa, and the other two groups by the other judge, Princess A. M. Bawekes. All four groups read the provided script, improvised, and practiced together until they felt ready to perform in front of the judges. After that, the judges would give their feedback and suggestions to help the participants grow and develop their MC skills.

Overall, the event went well and both participants and organizers felt satisfied. Before the event ended, participants and organizers took a photo together, marking the start of many amazing Master of Ceremonies in BSSC.

Felicia Susanty (2702219471)