ZooZoom: Capturing Wildlife

ZooZoom: Capturing Wildlife was an exciting and fun event that brought enthusiastic boarders to the Ragunan Zoo, and the event was held on Saturday, 24th of June 2023. This event aimed to provide an immersive experience for participants, allowing them to explore the zoo’s diverse wildlife and capture stunning photographs of the animals in their natural habitats. With a combination of adventure and photography, ZooZoom left an unforgettable day filled with educational encounters and breathtaking moments.

At 08.30 am, the committee and volunteers gathered to prepare the event where the committee also held a briefing that day and prepared the event’s needs such as food, drinks, documents and transportation. At 09.00 the participants were told to gather in the BINUS Square’s Lobby and fill out the re-registration form. At 09.45 the participants were told to get on the bus by the committee before finally leaving for the Ragunan Zoo. On the bus, the committee divided boarders into groups, gave a short briefing regarding the activities at the Ragunan Zoo, and distributed snacks and drinks to the boarders.

Boarders were split into 6 groups each with a person in charge from the committee and volunteers to accompany them while they were in the zoo. When the groups arrived at Ragunan Zoo, there was a documentation session before the group split up for the activity.

For the activities, the boarders were free to go around with their respective groups exploring Ragunan Zoo for 3 hours. Not only that, there was also a small competition where each group would submit a maximum of 20 photos to be judged. The group with the best photos will be declared the winner and receive a gift from the committee.

               Finally, when the time was up, all groups were instructed to return to the bus before finally returning to BINUS Square and the committee distributed snacks to the boarders.

Tifara Beata Wibowo – 2501975223