BSSC Sport Weekend “All Stars: Sports Legends”

BSSC Sport Weekend “All Stars: Sports Legends” was held on Sunday, June 18th, 2023 in BINUS Square. The concept of this event was to hold sports activities together with BINUS Square boarders so they can play and have fun together, also get to know more about athletes and broaden boarders insight into the world of sports providing motivation to work harder. Participants will be divided into four groups consisting of 6 to 8 people. Each group will be placed in each different game post. This event consists of five games are Water Balloon Toss, Keep It Up!, Lucky Shot, Badminton Last Man Standing, and Balloon Pop Relay. At the end, there is a side game where each group must complete a Crossword Puzzle which contains questions about the athletes.

Water Balloon Toss was inspired by male legend rugby athlete Dan Carter and female legend Kendra Cocksedge, where two groups will compete against each other for the long haul. Each player in the group will form a pair and will work together to throw and catch balloons filled with water by listening to the commands of the committee in charge. The group that lasts longer or has the most pairs left wins. The game was played in the pool area.

Keep It Up! was inspired by the legendary male football athlete Lionel Messi and female legend athlete Alexia Putellas. Two groups will compete against each other for the longest time. Each group will form a circular line and will work together to hold the large beach ball in the air for as long as possible using only their feet and/or heads. If using the hands/arms of the group will be immediately eliminated/defeated. With that, the group that holds the ball in the air the longest without the ball touching the ground is the winner. The game was played in the shuttle bus parking lot.

The Lucky Shot game was inspired by the legendary male basketball athlete Michael Jordan and the legendary female athlete Diana Taurasi, where two groups consisting of a maximum of 10 participants each group will compete against each other in throwing the ball into the baskets. There will be 2 large square-shaped areas in the same place, where in each area there will be a circle with five baskets of varied sizes.

Each basket will have a different number of points according to its size. The big basket is worth 5 points, the medium basket is worth 3 points, and the small basket is worth 1 point. The group will choose 2 participants to guard the basket from the ball thrown by the opposing group without crossing the border of the outside of the circle and the inside of the square, and the rest will try to throw as many balls into the basket of the opposing group as possible without going through the boundaries of the outside area of the square. Each participant in each group will be given 2 balls and will throw the balls at the same time. The group with the most points is the winner. The game was played in the parking lot north of the shuttle bus.

Badminton Last Team Standing game was inspired by badminton athlete national legend Kevin Sanjaya and national female legend athlete Susi Susanti, where 2 groups will compete against each other playing badminton 2v2. If the first pair scores points in the opponent’s area, the pair immediately changes to another pair on the same team. The group with all pairs of players who finish the fastest or the fewest remaining, wins. The game was played in the basketball/futsal court.

The Balloon Pop Relay game is inspired by the best male boxing athlete Muhammad Ali and the best female boxing athlete Lucia Rijker, where 2 groups consisting of a maximum of 10 participants each group will compete with each other in a competition of carrying balloons with both legs to a chair where they have to pop the balloon by sitting on a chair. If the player drops the balloon, the player must return to the starting line. The first group to pop the most balloons of their respective color is the winner, and it is played in the Oak Room.

Lastly, there is an additional game, a crossword puzzle, where each group leader receives a card about the puzzle. To play the puzzle each group must listen to the committee’s explanation before the games start at each post and to find the scattered clues around the building, if a group wins a game, that group will receive 1 clue about the question of the puzzle from the gamekeeper, the group that completes the puzzle the fastest will get additional points.

Wilson Joselim (2602174301)