Boarder’s Birthday Party “Retro Disco”

BINUS Square through the Floor coordinator held a Boarder’s Birthday Party to celebrate Boarder’s birthday from January – March 2023 on April 1st 2023. This event was held on oak room from 7:30 pm and was attended by a lot of boarders. With a pastel colour dress code, boarders are excited to join on the party, especially when each of them wear a disco glasses and light stick around their arm or neck.

MCs started the event by asking the participants to introduce themselves briefly and continued to main event, which the game called “Jeoparty”. This game was inspired by the tv show games called “jeopardy”. The players are put into 4 teams consist of 4-5 players, they are allowed to choose of the categories that they want to answers. The categories are about Binus Square, general knowledge, music, riddle, Pictionary and logo. The winner is the one with the most score in the end of the game. The event was then closed with a meal together and group photos.

The Boarder’s Birthday Party was amazing! This event went well, the decoration fits perfectly and the attendees had a great time chatting and catching up with each other, we have a lot of new boarders joining us as well which give them a moment to make new friends.  For those of you who attended this event, we hope you had a good time and we hope to see you at the next event at BINUS Square. See you!

Edward Gabriel (2201824633)