Boarder’s Movie Night

Boarder’s Movie Night is an event held at BINUS Square on 24th February 2023, arranged by a group of BINUS Square activists, which includes David and Darren from BSSC, and Flora and Pricillia from Floor Coordinator. The main concept of this event is a movie night with friends and a board game session in groups. It took place in the BS301 room (one floor above the cafeteria). This event’s purpose is to bring boarders closer together by playing games and watching a movie together.

The event started at 7.00 P.M with an opening from the MC and continued with a game session. There were 3 kinds of games for 3 tables played for around 2 rounds in 20 minutes. The games were not just any board games, they were unique with custom printed materials with specific rules, so boarders were most likely never played any of the games. There were no prizes for the games session, however boarders seemed to enjoy their game together.

Next session was movie time! We didn’t just watch a movie, but there was also a quiz consisting of 5 questions about the movie with IDR 250.000 prize pool, and not only that, but we also had free popcorn for everyone, butter and caramel flavoured. We chose Bullet Train (2022) for some action-comedy stuff. It was a funny show, some boarder laughed and seemed to enjoy the movie very much. After the movie ended, we moved to the quiz session and in the end, we picked 5 winners that were able to answer the questions fastest. With IDR 250.000 as the prize pool, each person got IDR 50.000. We also gave away merchandise from Program Development Center (PDC) BINUS Square for a lucky boarder.

David Lawrence Christiono (2501960764)