BSSC Farewell Party “Another End, Another Journey”

BSSC Farewell Party “Another End, Another Journey” was an event that arranged by the Executive Committee of BSSC 12th Presidency. It was held on Sunday, 18th December 2022. The aim of this event is that all the members can remember all the memories and moments together before the presidency ends. Besides that, this event was also an opening for activists who continue their journey on BSSC 13th Presidency.

All members of BSSC 12th Presidency, Student Organization Advisor (SOA), and Advisors were invited to this event. This event was opened by MC who greeted the participants and after that continued with ice-breaking. After the ice-breaking, all the participants played two games which were played in groups. The first game was named “Can you sense it?”, the sense that was used in that game was the sense of sight and touch. The second game was named “Song Relay”, this game was played with each member of the group who had their instructions such as saying one sentence of the song that they got. After that, the second person must choreograph the sentence until the last member guesses the title and the singer. The winner of the games was the group with the highest point and after finding the winner, MC gave them a cute present for each member of the group.

At this Farewell event, there was an appreciation for members who were funny, hits, active, reliable, unpredictable, optimistic, hard-working, the best member and the best EXMAN of BSSC 12th Presidency. Also, there were nominations for the members who used the best costume that matched the concept of this event. The event continued with a closing speech from the Chairman of BSSC 12th Presidency and committee announcement from the Chairman of BSSC 13th Presidency. After the speech from the Chairmans, there were videos from Advisors and SOA which contain their messages and impressions during BSSC 12th Presidency.

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