BSSC Cinesquare “Night & Chill”

BSSC Cinesquare “Night & Chill” is a movie-together event with boarders organized by BSSC 12th presidency members to provide entertainment for Binus Square boarders. The BSSC Cinesquare event held on 12th and 13th December 2022 at Cohive 3rd-floor Binus Square, showing one different film each day. We chose the movie based on the results of the most votes that we have shared through our Instagram account @bs_stucom. Apart from showing the film, we also distributed door prize tickets and sold various snacks and drinks that could accompany the participants while watching.

On the first day, 12 December 2022, we started the event at 18.45 as a re-registration of participants. We then proceeded with the opening before we began to show an action movie titled “Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings”. After the film ended, we also distributed door prizes, where we performed the door prize system by asking questions about the movie they had just watched before and a random draw. In the end, before closing the event, we did documentation by asking the participants to take pictures together as a memento of this event. On the second day, 13 December 2022, we started the event with the same series of events, but this time the movie being shown was a romance movie titled “Crazy Rich Asians”.

At the end of the event, we asked boarders to fill up a questionnaire to improve our next event. Overall their reaction toward BSSC Cinesquare “Night & Chill” was so good. They think it’s an entertaining, good and fun activity. Moreover, this event relieves stress because BSSC Cinesquare “Night  & Chill” was held after the mid-exam.

Kevin Wijaya / 2440020921