Your Comfort Zone Podcast “Mental Health”

Your Comfort Zone Podcast “Mental Health” is an event held by the Self-Development Division of BSSC that aims to increase people’s awareness of the cause and the ways to conquer the stress that we feel. This podcast was uploaded on the 2nd of June, 2022 on Youtube “BSSC Official”. By listening to this podcast, the listeners are given the knowledge about stress from a professional mentor and are assured not to go home empty-handed, but full of knowledge about stress.

The invited guest wasn’t just an ordinary person. She is Dean Azmi, the mentor of “Mentor Satu Persen” and her name is Dean Azmi. She is a Bachelor of Psychology from Universitas Indonesia and is now working a part-time job as a mentor to help people cope with the stress they’re feeling so that they can handle them well. She also joined certain volunteer programs to help people with mental health problems as a peer counselor, coach, and presenter in psychoeducation to reach her goals of making an impact on Indonesian society regarding mental health and at once raising the awareness of being mentally healthy. In this podcast, she shared a lot of interesting things about stress that not all people know, such as the stigma that people have of stress and how it affects this generation. Besides those two things, she also covered discussions about what stress is, what causes it, and how to handle it effectively. An important point that Dean made is that “Stress happens to everyone and it’s a normal thing to happen. What differentiates it is how we react and what action we will take upon receiving stress”.  After the recording goes on for about 40 minutes, the MC takes over and ends the podcast by asking for suggestions for the next topic to be brought up in the next episode of this podcast. With that, Your Comfort Zone Podcast’s first episode has ended and held perfectly from the start until the end.

Our podcast can be listened through Youtube link .

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