How Can We Reveal Our Potentials Through Stand Out CV and LinkedIn?

There was a workshop about how to create a CV and LinkedIn which is “Reveal Your Potentials Through Stand Out CV and LinkedIn”. There were many participants who wanted to learn about it as there were around 45 people. The event started as the Master of Ceremony opened the event by welcoming the participants and introducing the speaker which is Kak Fabiana. After that, Kak Fabiana gave a presentation about how to create a stand out CV and LinkedIn so when the recruiter sees the LinkedIn or CV will get interested towards the candidate. She also gave the example of a good CV as recruiters do not have time to see it detaily. Other than that, she gave tips and tricks about how to catch the recruiter’s eyes which will give people the opportunity to get their dream job. Then, the participants’ enthusiasm and excitement rose as they asked many questions and Kak Fabiana answered them clearly and detailedly. As for the closing, MC, speaker, committees, and all of the participants took the photos together to commemorate the moments.

            In conclusion, the event was successful because the participants can get many detailed tips and tricks about how to create a CV and LinkedIn. Also, the participants exceed the targets that the committee has set. Other than that, there are many questions from the participants which are signs of interest to our event. We hope this event gives many insights to the participants and helps them to make outstanding CV and LinkedIn in the future.

Hillary Winton - Boarder - 2440022523