MC Training Program is a program organized by the Internal Affairs division of BSSC 12th Presidency that helps and assists participants on how to improve their skills on being an MC in the future events. MC Training Program has two trainers, Ruth Destiny as the Main Trainer and Gilbert Lorentius as the Co-Trainer. The event was held for  2 days from 10 to 11 May 2022. On the first day, MC Training Program was participated by all staff members of BSSC so that they can understand how to become a good MC and practice being an MC in pairs of two. MC Training Program day 2 was held for participants who will become MCs in the future events so that they could improve their MC skill and receive feedback from both trainers.

On the first day of MC Training Program, the main activity is material presentation from the Trainer and Co-Trainer on “What does being an MC mean”, “Communication Theory”, and “Dos and Don’ts” as well as practicing what it’s like to be an MC with a script that the event committees has prepared. The initial presentation of material is done by the Trainer Ruth Destiny about “What does Being an MC mean” and “Communication Theory”, while the Co-Trainer Gilbert Lorentius presented about “Dos and Don’ts”. Then after the presentation of the materials, the participants will be divided into 2 groups and then conduct an MC simulation. During the simulation, the participants received challenges from the committees that aims to disturb the participants in form of sound and chat. After the completion of each MC simulation, the participants will be given feedback by the Trainer in their respective pair.

On the second day of MC Training Program, the main activity is training for participants that will become MC during their respective events. The participants practiced being an MC with their respective rundowns and then will be given feedback by the Trainers, Ruth Destiny and Gilbert Lorentius. At the end of the second day, the participants will have improved their skill in being an MC and will have better preparation when they MC on future events because the participants have received training and feedback from the Trainer and Co-Trainer.

Darren Marvelim (2501974656)