BSSC Training: Design “Complete Your Journey”

BSSC Training: Design “Complete Your Journey” is an internal event for the members of BSSC in order to improve their design skill. The event was successfully held on Saturday, 9th and 16th April 2022 and was attended by most of the BSSC 12th Presidency members. Even though the event was held for two different days, each day had a different topic so the event was not boring. On the first day, we learned about how to improve the skill of creating posters by using Adobe Photoshop and on the second day, we learned about increasing our skills in editing videos by using Adobe Premiere Pro. We also invited amazing people to be the trainers, which makes the event more special.

On the first day of BSSC Training: Design “Complete Your Journey”, the topic was how to create a poster with Adobe Photoshop. The event was trained by two amazing trainers from HIMDKV named Nana Riyanti and Meilliana Ivana. As one of the trainers of the day, Meiliana explained about the function of all tools available in Adobe Photoshop. Continued by Nana, she taught the participants to create a poster design which she had prepared before with Adobe Photoshop. Both trainers are amazing because they were explaining in detail every progress we had to make in order to create certain designs.

After 90 minutes with the participants, the event was ended by a photo session, and the participants filled out a questionnaire about how the event was going on that day.

Continued to the second day of BSSC Training: Design “Complete Your Journey”, the topic that was brought to all the participants was how to edit and create a mesmerizing video with Adobe Premiere Pro.

As good as the first day, on this day the event was also trained by two members of HIMFILM which is an organization of students majoring in the cinematography program. As the trainers, Jason Nathanael Go and Frederick Pio Soestio were really professional and inspiring. They could teach incredibly and clearly to all the audiences. The training started with Jason teaching about how to arrange different clips into a video, the uses of keyframe, and the function and use of basic elements we could find in the application. After that, Jason continued to explain more about audio synchronizing, and creating subtitles. Then, the training was continued by Pio who taught how to color grading, stabilizing video, and many others. After about 70 minutes of studying about the topic, the training session was closed by both trainers and was given back to our MC, Wiles, to lead the event again.

The event was continued by the process of filling out the exit form of the event and then ended after Wiles said goodbye to all the participants since it was the last event of BSSC Training: Design “Complete Your Journey”. As the second day of BSSC Training: Design “Complete Your Journey” ended, the event was also officially closed. Thank you to all of the amazing trainers who could attend the workshop event to give their knowledge in using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premiere Pro, the event of BSSC Training: Design “Complete Your Journey” could be held successfully and beneficial by all the participants.

Christy Aurelia Lie (2440006242)