BSSC Webinar “New Normal, New Lifestyle”

BSSC Webinar was held on 24 July 2020 via ZOOM Meeting with “Create a Balanced Lifestyle During the Crisis” as the theme. The goal of this webinar is to help participants to achieve a balanced lifestyle during the crisis time. Moreover, this webinar help participants to understand more about themselves and to be more prepared against changes that might occur in the future. To achieve that, we invited Nitesh B. Gianchandani as the speaker of this webinar. He is the Chief of Digital Media – Nagaya Technologies, a public speaker, an Official Affiliate Coach of MindGym International, a Licensed Trainer and an Entrepreneur.

During the webinar, he shared several tips about how to form a well-balanced lifestyle during the crisis time. In the current pandemic situation, he said that “the COVID-19 pandemic might be a bad or good situation. It depends on us how we look at things. We must not be focusing on the problem but the solution. The solutions are by preserving mental and mindset by enhancing passion, managing time and setting milestones towards goals. Avoid being too stressed or panicked about the current situation to maintain our mental health and set clear objectives to spread it into some checkpoints.”

At the end of the webinar, participants were allowed to ask questions to the speaker. There was also a documentation session with the speaker and all the participants. Overall, this webinar was enlightening and mesmerizing.

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