BSSC Earth Hour 2020

BSSC Earth Hour is one of the annual events that held by BSSC (BINUS Square Student Committee). This year we picked “From Our Heart, To Our Earth” as a theme. “From Our Heart, To Our Earth” means we need the awareness of everyone who truly cares about our planet and give an action to our Earth. The goal of this event is to raise awareness of the environmental issues on the Earth, especially climate change and global warming.

In order to reach our goals, BSSC Earth Hour 2020 held various events, one of them was the Online Campaign: 30-Days Challenge. This campaign was held for 30 days from 1st March till 30th March 2020, involving over 100 participants of BINUS University students. They needed to complete various challenges in a form of giving their contribution in saving our Earth by online. One challenge was given each day for 30 days through our Instagram (@bsscearthhour). After the participants had completed a challenge, then they should share it through their Instagram Story. The challenges are relatively simple, a few examples are watering the plants, recycling unused belongings, and using a reusable straw instead of a plastic one. Through these small things, they are slowly bringing changes to our daily life, making Earth a step greener and better. We could see the participants’ strong commitment as a majority of them fulfilled the entire challenges of 30 days!

Lights Out was the main focus for Earth Hour and was held on 28th March 2020 for 60 minutes from 8.30p.m until 9.30p.m based on the local time. Earth Hour is usually marked with a ‘+60’ symbol made of candles. We were invited to turn off all lights and shut down most electrical appliances to celebrate sustainability and show some support for strategies that will help solve the problem of global warming. By turning off the lights for 60 minutes every year, we show our appreciation for our Earth and spread awareness to prevent global warming. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 issue, this year’s Lights Out was held online. Even though things did not turn out as expected, we still tried reaching out our goals. BSSC Earth Hour 2020 decided to create a mini challenge out of Lights Out, where we would dare other people to turn off their lights at home, tag their friends on social media and share it to influence others. Overall, BSSC Earth Hour 2020 gave a positive impact to raise awareness of society and supporting the movement. We hope that we could held this event again next year.

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