BSSC Open Donation ‘BSSC Fights COVID-19’


Coronavirus or COVID-19 is a virus that’s found in animals and rarely can be transmitted from animals to humans and then spread from one person to others. As we know, in Indonesia there are more than 2700 cases of coronavirus and also more than 200 people died. This is very worrying because many medical personnel are not equipped with APD or known as personal protective equipment.

With the increase of coronavirus cases, BSSC has participated to hold a fundraiser that will be distributed through Rachel Vennya. Rachel Vennya is an influencer that collaborates with to help medical personnel which handle COVID-19. The fund was used to provide masks, hand sanitizers, plastic gloves, and other protective equipment. Other than that, the funds will be used for medical personnel’s family. BSSC has hold the fundraising from March 25th – April 5th, 2020 and the results we collected amount to Rp3.300.000,-. Thus we would like to thank everyone that already donate their money to help the medical personnel in COVID-19 referral hospitals.

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