What’s On In MAY

May was a special month for all boarders in Binus Square because all boarders had taken semester mid test on April and they will have taken semester test final on June. Thus, all boarders have enough time to engagement in Program Development Center’s programs. Spite of that, Binus Square management that has been represented by Program Development Center had facilitated all boarders in 14 activities to improve their academic, personal, and social experience on May.


The first program in this month was meet and great with International Boarders (France, Thailand, and America). Followed by Healthy Lifestyle Workshop that the speaker was one of the Emergency Room doctor of Siloam Hospital.


To improve social experience, Program Development Center (PDC) had collaborated with Binus Square Student Committee (BSSC) and UKM Band of Binus University to hold Sport and Art United in One Jazz Music Symphony (STUDIO JAMS). Reinaldo Rafael/ 1401101465, Information System one of the boarders in Binus Square become a Manager Project this event. The day after this event, the boarders have been presented by Tournament Scrabble that the result of collaboration between Program Development Center and Binus Square Student Committee-Language and Culture and Bina Nusantara English Club (BNEC).

Other social activity has been held on this month was Nonton Bareng (NoBar) “Shutter”. Subsequently, to improve boarders’ academic, English Conversation Program (ECP), Korean Class, and Mandarin Class have been being done since on March. Also Entrepreneurial Week was held for a week to facilitate the boarders who have Entrepreneurship Class.


Temu Jurusan of Accounting has been held to support boarders’ academic development. In the event, each Accounting boarder has the chance to meet with Mr. Gatot Soepriyanto as Head of Accounting & Finance Department of Binus University to get information and last updates in the faculty. On top of that, Binus Square Student Committee (BSSC)- IT Division is holding a Web Programming Course start on May until June. Edison Sarmin/ 1401118794 – computer science who one of the boarders is a speaker in this course.



Training Negotiation has been held special for all the members of Binus Square Student Committee (BSSC) that the speaker was Teresia from Student Advisory Center (SAC) of Binus University. The last but not the least, for the first time Program Development Center has held a Virtual Dating Workshop that the event was opened for public. IBG. Adiputra Yadnya, M.Psi who become a speaker in this workshop is a psychologist and lecturer.