January 2012


One of the biggest events in BINUS Square is Culture Week. The culture of Korea is the theme for this year in BINUS Square. Liem Fenny Hapsari (1401120060/Information System) who was in charge to manage some active Binus Square Student Committee boarders to be committees in the event and Program Development Center as the facilitator. The Culture Week is the routine program of Program Development Center (PDC) which aims to introduce cultures to boarders in BINUS Square.

Korean Culture Week as we called so, was held on January 11th-14th,2012 and enlivened by K-Pop dance competition, Korean songs karaoke, cooking demonstration, photo booth (with Korean traditional clothes), Karate show and of course various sponsorship stands as Pondok Raymon, Mun Gung Hwa restaurant & supermarket, Spectacles and Bulaf sausage. The event was open to public and free for entrance. The event became merrier as Mr. Francis Budiharja Santoso, MM, M.Sc., Board of Management Binus Square; Ms. Tjia F. Chu, Binus Square Operation Manager; Ms. Greta Vidya Paramita, M. Psi., Program Development Center Binus Square Manager; and BINUS University Vice Rector III, Mr. and Mrs. Drs. Andreas Chang, MBA.

Some of year 2011 programs were accomplished in January 2012 such as Language Classes (English Conversation Program with 20 boarders successfully finished the program and got certificates; Thai Class with 11 boarders; Korean Class with 36 boarders; Mandarin Class with 10 boarders), Web Design Workshop was brought by Mr. Rizqie Yusario Ifdhola, SE.,S.Kom.,MM as the Branch Manager of Syahdan Binus Center . BINUS Square monthly program, NoBar KET in this month presented a National Geographic movie.