Since the beginning of this week, the terms Work from Home and Learn from Home seem to be the main topic in all lines of communication. This is related to the call of the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, to conduct social distancing due to the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) which WHO has identified as a Pandemic. Prior to Indonesia, countries with higher rates of corona virus spread had already implemented work from home and learn from home in citizen activities. The government, companies, educational institutions, and the community have also begun to implement methods and supporting applications that can make work from home and learn from home activities effective while maintaining work productivity and learning. In the field of Education, BINUS UNIVERSITY applies learn from home by using online learning methods through BINUSMAYA. With GLSC (Guided Learning-self Class) method, the students are provided a learning module that contains material and assignments for lectures. Lecturers can also hold online discussions and video conferences with their students according to the set course schedule. Not only lectures, but guidance and thesis exams can also be done online. Student and lecturer services are also available such as document request services, thesis and thesis approval and repair, enrichment reports, as well as library and knowledge center services. Service mechanism flows via e-mail, BINUSMAYA, through WhatsApp and online applications. In addition to lectures, the majority of employees starting today (19/3) have started work from home. In addition to standard email and conversation applications, working from home is accommodated with applications such as Microsoft Teams to coordinate collaboration and Zoom Cloud to conduct video conferencing. Surely there will be a number of different things that need to be adjusted and implemented. Job priorities and targets also need to be adjusted. Work from home can also change the perspective of employees on work. Investigating how to Work from Home effectively is expected to contribute collaboration breakthroughs for the work in the future.