How To Teach Online

Online Lecture Guide for Lecturers

  • Online lectures will run from March 18th 2020 until the 13th meeting or the last week of the Even Semester 2019/20.
  • Online lectures will be conducted via BINUSMAYA and integrated video conferencing.
  • This GSLC online learning implementation guide, among others, focuses on the discussion and questioning functions of friends in the discussion forum and assignments through the assignments function in BINUSMAYA.
  • Video conferencing will use the Zoom application integrated with BINUSMAYA.
  • Improved the ability to use the zoom application by holding regular training.
  • Implementation of UTS will be done online through BINUSMAYA.
  • Thesis Examination Trials and Final Assignments will be run online.

For all information and instructions for teaching online can be done by clicking the following link:

Use this guide as a reference for the implementation of the 2019/20 Even Semester lectures and are valid until further notice.

*Links to follow Ms Teams’ tutorials, Zoom and online learning are available at and