BINUSIAN Cares – BINUSIAN Postgraduates and Doctorates

Reduction of Tuition and Graduation Fees

No.: 0392 / REK-SE / IV / 2020


The current COVID-19 situation has become a global pandemic and has a wide-ranging impact on all fields, including the world of education, which has been severely affected. This pandemic has also changed the way we interact socially and forced us to do most activities from home.

BINUS UNIVERSITY is aware of this and is proactive in ensuring BINUSIANs remain productive in conducting lecture activities. Since March 18th, 2020, we have implemented academic and non-academic lectures, activities and services online. We are optimizing technological resources to support these activities are carried out smoothly and comfortably. Supporting activities and student development also continue to run online, in the form of training, webinars, talk shows, competitions and Student Organization activities to support student self-development. Other support in the form of mentoring, tutoring and counseling also continue. These various online services can be accessed through student microsites at

While students study at home, we are carrying out a thorough cleaning and sterilization of buildings, facilities, equipment, to documents. This is to ensure readiness and comfort when the pandemic ends, and lecture activities are normal again.

In addition to protecting health and ensuring online lecture activities can work well, we are still working to contribute to the community. Through BINUSIAN Care, during this pandemic period BINUS did not reduce human resources, including for outsourced employees, such as janitors and security officers.

Contributions to the community were also made through BINUSIAN Care Standby COVID-19 with a fundraising activity from BINUS employees and lecturers, aimed at supporting medical staff and volunteers who are treating COVID-19 patients. We also greatly appreciate the fundraising activities of the collaboration carried out by the 66 BINUS UNIVERSITY Student Activity Units, which formed the BINUSIAN ACTION Movement (GEBRAK) helping those fighting COVID-19.

During the period of social restrictions, community empowerment activities carried out by lecturers and students under the coordination of Teach for Indonesia (TFI) and Academic Community Development also continued. Activities that have been carried out include online training for MSMEs, online tutoring, Social Campaign and One Day One Kindness Program in various regions in Indonesia.

To be able to contribute to supporting government programs to answer the challenges of creating Advanced Indonesian Human Resources, BINUS has also launched GreatNusa, an online-based learning platform by providing access to more than 1,000 content for free to the public throughout Indonesia. In addition, BINUS Creates is also a partner of the Workers’ Card program by being a much-needed training provider by the community of Workers’ Cardholders.

We are increasingly aware, in the era of disruption due to the COVID-19 pandemic, education is becoming very important to be able to continue to be enjoyed by the community. Therefore, as a form of care and support for the BINUSIANs, BINUS UNIVERSITY decided that postgraduate and doctorate level students will receive the following benefits:

  • For the final semester students who have finished their studies in the Even Semester 2019/2020, there is a policy of extending the study period of 1 (one) semester to the Odd Semester 2020/2021 by registering lectures in accordance with the provisions specified.
  • For students who are declared eligible for graduation in 2020, the Graduation Fee exemption is given. We will inform you about the schedule for graduation.
  • This decision applies to all BINUS campuses.

We continue to ask BINUSIANs to continue learning from home, and not to carry out activities outside the home and to comply with the implementation of PSBB (Large-Scale Social Restrictions Policy) in their respective regions. Let’s continue our care and responsibilities from home to protect ourselves, family and the environment from COVID-19.

This circular is valid until further notice. All official information will be conveyed through BINUSMAYA and official BINUS UNIVERSITY channels.