Jakarta, 21 March 2020 – As the spread of Covid-19 in Indonesia has become wide and far, and referring to the Government’s recommendation of distance learning implementation, many higher education institutions in Indonesia are directed to immediately take action on changing traditional teaching-learning method into online-learning. To ensure the success of online teaching-learning activities, it is requisite for higher education institutions to provide online learning platforms.

BINUS UNIVERSITY as an adaptable higher education institution has incorporated online-learning method into its teaching-learning process. The following are the online learning platforms BINUS has provided to support distance learning:

It is a Learning Management System specifically developed by BINUS to support teaching-learning process through Multi Channel Learning (MCL).

  • BINUS Mobile for Students (Available on Google Play Store, AppStore, Windows Store)

This is a one-stop mobile application to enhance students’ learning experience at Bina Nusantara by providing accessible information related to student activities.

  • BINUS Mobile for Lecturers (Available on Google Play Stor, AppStore, Windows Store)

This is a one stop mobile application to enhance teaching experience at Bina Nusantara by providing accessible information related to lecturer activities.

It holds a collection of books mostly in the form of digital/virtual format and available online.

This platform provides content from BINUS for greater Nusantara, which comprises of more than 35.000 collections.

This is a community-based television owned by Bina Nusantara that serves as the university’s information and communication media.

Binus University also provides digital (learning) materials on iTunes U.

Udemy is an online learning platform featuring 130,000+ video courses taught by expert instructors. BINUS has also built some courses on this platform.

BINUSIANs can also find digital (learning) materials in the video format on Youtube.

BINUS UNIVERSITY developed BINUS STORE, an ecosystem which displays academic products that are expected to serve our every-day needs. BINUSIANs are encouraged to develop innovative products that have significant impact to improve the quality of people’s life.

BINUS University Webinar is one of technologies we use to hold events such as seminars, talk shows, discussions, and other activities virtually or using internet connection without the need of the face-to-face gatherings.

It is an online learning platform featuring hundreds of online courses that are accessible to BINUSIAN and public.

BINUS also provides a website specifically designed for parents to allow them to virtually oversee their children’s learning development during their study in BINUS.


Hopefully, each online learning platform above can be fully utilized by BINUSIANs during the distance learning period. We also hope that those platforms can improve the spirit of learning, creativity, and innovation of BINUS students and other campus community in conducting and participating in teaching-learning activities. In the future, BINUS UNIVERSITY will continue to employ these platforms as learning resources although the distance learning policy is no longer applicable.


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