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[International Guest Lecture] – Portugal: Past and Present

Monday 23 April - 13.20 PM
Monday 23 April - 15.00 PM
Room 806, Anggrek Campus
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Portugal is a fascinating country with a proud history that can be felt all throughout the country – from its capital, down to each tiny, picture-perfect village.

In 1494, the Treaty of Tordesillas was signed which essentially gave Portugal the eastern half of the “New Word”, including Brazil, Africa, and Asia. The Portuguese Empire was actually the first global empire in history! It was also one of the longest-lived colonial powers, lasting for almost six centuries from when Ceuta was captured in 1415, until Macau (now China) was handed-over in 1999.


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Portugal:  Past and Present

Sofia Gramaxo


Sofia Gramaxo

International Relations and Cooperation Officer - University of Porto.

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