Master of Industrial Engineering



The graduate program in Master of Industrial Engineering has the ability to contribute significantly in connecting the organizational goals through an optimal operational performance, by involving all the elements of human, machines, methods, money, materials, information technology and environment. They are expected to be able to bring a constructive breakthroughs and value added to the competitiveness of the organization, through analysis, design, innovation, implementation and continuous improvement of the system and operational as well as to increase the organization performance. Practitioners in Industrial Engineering are expected to be able to lead the industrial management and make the logistic and supply chain divisions as one of the major forces that bring the company to be a winner in the world business competition.

As one of the leading IT-based educational institution that has been experienced, BINUS UNIVERSITY Graduate Program dedicates the graduate education programs in industrial engineering to meet the industrial needs to become the leaders in logistics, supply chain and quality management industries. BINUS Graduate Program provides a curriculum that emphasizes the lectures in information technology field to offset the formation of strategic thinking and analytical patterns that equip the students with a range of competencies in industrial engineering and managerial fields to become future leaders.

The graduates of Industrial Engineering Program will have competency as a leader in supply chain engineering and industrial management which is able to control the function of man, material, machine, money, method/system and information technology in order to reach the vision and mission of companies. In addition, he/she is able to act as industrial engineering consultant for organization in solving the problems, including the assessment and evaluation to effectiveness and efficiency of the system in industry.


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