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[CL2] Calculus 2

S1-Mathematics & Statistics

This is an advanced calculus class for computer science

Course Outline:

  1. [CL201] First-Order ODEs I
  2. [CL202] First-Order ODEs II
  3. [CL203] Second Order Linear (ODEs) – Homogenous Equation
  4. [CL204] Second Order Linear (ODEs) – Non Homogenous Equation
  5. [CL205] Higher Order Linear ODEs
  6. [CL206] Applications of First and Second ODEs
  7. [CL207] Systems of Linear ODEs
  8. [CL208] Laplace Transform
  9. [CL209] Invers Laplace Transform
  10. [CL210] Laplace Transform Applications
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  • Mathematics