German Class was one of the language classes held by BSSC Culture division. This class facilitated boarders that have interests in German, might it be language, culture or etiquette. The first German Class held was on 5th November 2018. The aim of this class was to improve boarders’ knowledge in German. Boarders were able to make new friends with German tutor and other boarders participating in the class.

German Class was taught by exchange student from Germany. Her name is Andrea Rabe. German Class held a total of six meetings, five class meetings and 1 off-class meeting. The meetings in class were held per week. Each class had its own topic, such as basic conversation on public places like restaurant or convenience store, how to introduce yourself in German, and many more. German alphabet and pronunciation were also taught to improve students’ ability on reading and understanding German word. Not only studying, German Class also provided games, like making student introduce themselves in German and tasting local food of Germany. In German Class, there was also a movie night to help students understand the culture much better, like Germany’s local legend and fairytale. Meanwhile, in off-class meeting, both students and tutor were hanging out together in Pizza Hut.

German Class got great responses from students. It was proved by the questionnaire, reaching 95% of satisfaction percentage. Both the tutor and students were satisfied. Students got what they wanted from the tutor, such as German language, culture, and games. The same goes for the tutor. She got more experiences on teaching and sharing her culture students. She also learned Indonesian culture from conversation in and off class. We truly hope that for next language class season, we could open another German Class again and make it better than before.

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