Blood Donation is one of BSSC annual event held by Social Division. In this event, we collaborated with PMI (Palang Merah Indonesia). The theme of this Blood Donation is “A Drop of Blood, A Million Hope,” which means that blood is one of the most important component of human body and there are a lot of people who really need blood out there. The purposes of the event are to foster healthy lifestyle awareness, to spread information about the benefits of blood donation, and to increase the concern for others. Bags of Blood collected from this event will be used by PMI to increase their blood stock.

This event was held on 11th January 2019 from 10.30 AM – 02.27 PM in Gym Area, BINUS Square. The participants were very enthusiastic to donate their blood. The event was not limited to boarders. Other people in BINUS Square including employees, security personnel, and Binusian outside BINUS Square can also donate their blood. A total of 95 people registered to donate their blood in this event. 35 people couldn’t donate their blood because of several reasons such as high HB. The overall percentage of successful blood donation is 80%. We can conclude that this event was a success.

The total of 60 participants that had successfully donate their blood got snacks from PMI. There were several kinds of snacks such as milk, juice, biscuit, cup noodle, and many more. Along with the vision of BSSC, which is to increase the social awareness of boarders, we will continue to host event like this every now and then. Hopefully this event can help others in needs. See you in the next Blood Donation!

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