Korean Language Class

Korean Class is a program held by BSSC Culture Division to facilitate BINUS Square boarders who wanted to learn a new language. The first class was held on the 23rd November 2018, which featured native korean speakers as the language tutors. We held this class in order to improve boarder’s knowledge about korean language and culture. In addition, students were able to enhance their social skills by directly interacting with international students and were able to have new friends.

The native korean teachers were very eager to teach their language to local boarders. The teachers are Bae Eunjin, Lim Songhee, Kim Arim, Yun Jiho, and Jeong HyeWon. This language class consists of 6 classes which were held on every Friday. In the first class, the students were taught how to introduce themselves in korean language and also introduced to Hangul, which is the korean alphabet. After learning Hangul, students were able to convert their given names to korean ones. Additionally, korean numbers were also explained by the teachers to enable students to do basic counting and calculations in korean language. Apart from learning the technical aspect, students also gained knowledge and enhance their grasps on korean culture even further by listening to K-pop and watching korean dramas.  Moreover, Korean games were played among the students and teachers to understand the way of life in Korea better.

In the last Korean Class, a survey was conducted to identify the level of satisfaction from students and showed that 93% of the students were satisfied. Therefore, we can agree that both the teachers and students acquired a great amount of knowledge and soft skill from this language class because the students were able to learn a new language and culture they’ve never known before and the teachers were able to gain important insight from the conversation they had with the students about Indonesia. In conclusion, we believe this class has been a success and we hope to hold a new class next year and improve from the mistakes that we’ve made in this opportunity.

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