Chinese Language Class

BSSC is the only student organization in BINUS Square that aims to facilitate boarders by creating events that is useful for them. One of the events is Chinese Class, organized by Culture Division. Chinese is now considered as one of the most important languages worldwide because of its increase in presence in the business world. So through this class that we held, we want boarders to be able to increase their knowledge about Chinese language and culture. This event is not only beneficial for boarders, but also useful for exchange students to make them understand Indonesian language and culture even more. Through this event, the relationship between boarders and exchange students is strengthened, so that it creates harmony and comfort while staying in BINUS Square.

In Chinese Class, there are 3 teachers, Xiao Liang, Lian Qiu Yu, and Sun Zhen Ce. The class consists of 5 meetings and a day of hang-out together with teachers and participants. During the meetings, students were not only studying but also introduced to traditional Chinese games, such as Mahjong. Beside games, the teachers also engaged the students to sing Chinese songs together. The students were very enthusiastic. They gave positive responses in every meeting. Each meeting was well prepared to create interactive and fun learning for the students.

Chinese Class was ended with hanging out together on January 9th, 2019. After 5 meetings and 1 hang-out together, the participants and staffs felt that there were so many benefits they got from the class, starting from learning chinese language, traditional games, and culture. Not only knowledge, but also new friends, local and international. The students and teachers spent pleasant time hanging out together. One of the participants even wished the duration of the hang-out together could be longer. We hope that in the next season of language class, we have a chance to open another Chinese class and get higher enthusiasm from the participants.


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