Halloween “Jack O’Lantern”

On November 3rd 2017, Halloween was celebrated in BINUS Square. There were 4 games, 2 photo booth, a food stand, and a live performance. The games were divided into 3 games in Exhibition Area which were lucky pong, dream catcher, and chopstick runner and the other game was a tricky maze located in Oak Room.

There were hundreds of delighted participants. Every participant was charged Rp.5000,- in order to be able to play games. In addition, they will be awarded a chocolate every first registration. Players who wanted to play another round would be charged Rp.2000,- only even though they would not be given chocolate for the next registration. Exhibition Area was jam packed with boarders and non-boarders alike. The various games provided there lifted the mood. Moreover, our photo booth also sparks the interest of passersby due to the various props provided. Besides that, a food stand from Rasela was up and running to serve every participant. The participants had to play all the games in order to get free food. During the event, starting at 7.20, a band from JWC campus performed splendidly for approximately 1 hour.

To sum up, the event was a big success seeing that this Halloween was one of the first event held by BSSC 8th presidency. Additionally, most of the Committees were freshmen. Many thanks were given to PDC and the Marketing department of BINUS Square due to their continuous support. Also, the enthusiasm of the participants were so high thus making the atmosphere light and exciting. Lastly, we learned a lot from this event’s flaws and hope that the next event would be an even bigger and better one.

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