Age Doesn’t Matter for People to Keep Learning

In order to support BINUS Square boarder’s soft skill and hard skill, BSSC provides a lot of programs or event that related to boarders.However, this year is a special year, for the first time in forever, BSSC provides a program that related to the security in BINUS Square. Program Development Center (PDC) which is the pioneer all organization in BINUS Square trusted us to train the security to develop their English skills. The reason we were asked to train the security because every year in BINUS Square, there will always international boarders who settled here from the exchange program sand the security were having a hard time to communicate with them especially when they wanted to tell the international boarders if they violated any rules in Binus Square. There are nine divisions in BSSC but the one that took handle of this class is from OSR (Culture) division because anything that related to language classes are all directed to OSR (Culture) division.

For this class, we have 7 meetings and all done inside the classroom. The teacher for this class are Melinda Lisal and Leonardi. Melinda is a deputy manager of OSR (Culture) division andLeonardi is OSR (culture) division staff. At the first meeting, we didn’t expect the reaction from the security were so positive and they’re very eager to learn more, we also don’t know what to teach on our first meeting, so we asked them about what they what to learn and they mostly wanted to know about the basics conversation to tell off the exchange student if they broke Binus Square’s rules such as if they were to eat inside the restricted area. The securities werealso occasionally confused to answer the questions from international boarders about GoJek and Grab and we taught them everything they need to know in this English training class.

The last day was fun and very interesting,we were having a quiz to test their progress and its surprising enough that they remember almost everything that we taught. We also held a game where they can punish their friend if they were to answer our question correctly. The punishment was singing in front of the class. Finally, at the end of the class Melinda, Leonardi, and Kevin (volunteer for that day) all apologized if there were any mistakes in words and express gratitude for the enthusiasms and support that showed from all the times. This class tells us that age truly doesn’t matter in the face of knowledge. We from BSSC learn a lot from our experiences together and hope there were many programs like this in the future.

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