Gathering 2 BSSC: “Bonds Beyond Time”

Gathering 2 is an event organized by HRD Division of BSSC 7th Presidency for internal members and alumnae of BSSC. This event was held on May 10th – 11th 2017 at Wisma Berkat, Cibodas. The theme for this event was “Bonds Beyond Time”. This theme was chosen because we hope to improve the bonds between BSSC members as time flies.

On the first day of the event, the participants were divided into 10 teams to play some games. There were 5 games in total: Tapak Bumi, Desa Awan, Manusia Zaman Batu, Pipa Bocor and Scorpion. Before the games ended, clues were given to each of the team so they could go to the designated place and get a balloon, inside the balloons were questions they were required to answer. If the questions were answered correctly, they could add their team’s point. After that, all of the teams were asked to create their own performance based on the theme provided by the committees. The available themes were Fairy Tale, Superhero, Korean Drama parody, Indonesian Soap Opera parody, and TV Advertisement parody. During the performances, the participants did a very impressive performance based on their theme. At the end of the day, they were gathered outside to join the campfire circle to sing together and write the negative things they felt in BSSC from the beginning until now in a piece of paper. After they wrote it, they threw the paper into the campfire where the fire represents a way of forgetting bitter memories. This was done to signify a new beginning, a future filled with close friends by the bonds formed during the course of 7th presidency that correlates directly with the theme of our event.

On the second day, the participants played some more games, such as: Dodge Ball, Telegram, Menara Ember, Maju Terus Pantang Mundur, and Main Tangan. For the final round, they were asked to find clues to get the tools needed to make a time capsule. At the time capsule session, the participants were asked to write their hopes and wishes related to BSSC then put it in a jar. After that, the participants gathered outside to form the word “B-S-S-C” and took a UAV (drone) aerial photo alongside a ground-based group shot before they packed their belongings and went back to BINUS Square.

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