After a long progress of learning in Vocal Class, Recently, Art Division of BSSC held the last meeting of Vocal Class on Wednesday, 12th April 2017 and that was called The Examintaion of Vocal Class. 19.30 the participants of Vocal Class started to gather and some of them felt nervous to attend the examination day.

On this last meeting, participants were being reviewed about some theories that they had been learned and they gathered together to sing as one choir. During the first session, class participants divided into two rooms, both male and female participants did some vocalizing and song review. Then the next session, participants were gathered into a single room and sing together. Finally the male choir did the collaboration with the female choir. They did some preparation to do their best for vocal class performance alongside with the performance of Guitar Class on the next event, Guitar and Vocal Class Performance.

On the vocal examination day, it’s not all about how to sing well but it’s about how to sing well with the right technique and the feeling that was flowed from each participants. After the examination was over, the mentors gave the participants some advices to improve their skill and so they could do the performance better than they did on theVocal Class examination.

Shaffira Tiara, One of the Vocal Class participants said that she felt nervous at first, she thought the Vocal Class examination would be hard. But actually,it was different from her expectation. The examination of Vocal Class was interesting, she got some new experiences by joined the examination of Vocal Class.

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