Internal Sharing Session BSSC

Sharing session is the latest program organized by HRD (Human Resource & Development) Division of BSSC 7th Presidency, where the members could gather together to share or ask questions related to the internal of BSSC. The purpose of why this program was held is to make a forum where staffs/ managers/ EXCOM can express their opinions and give questions as much as they want (but still, it was about BSSC and campus life). Thus, in the future, there is no longer any inappropriate issues disseminated internally and externally. This sharing session was attended by 47 people in total. All the members have the equal opportunity to ask questions directly to EXCOM or Managers of each divisions. It was transparent, means that there is no secret as long as the questions are still within the context. Also, anyone can give answer or opinion related to the topic.

This program was held on April 11th, 2017 in Oakroom BINUS Square. There was a moderator who set the content and lead this whole sharing session from beginning until the end. It was begun with prayer, then the moderator asked the participants to join the ice breaking game called “Aku BSSC”. All the members seemed enthusiastic and happy during this game. After the ice-breaking session has finished, members were all welcomed/ allowed to provide questions.

Questions began to appear one by one as the time flies. Many problems and suggestions were being answered and solved together. There were also questions which seek for solutions about their personal problems that might be encountered when individuals are involved in the organization. Without realizing, the 2-hours session must come to it’ end. There were still some participants who want to ask questions, but sadly the time is not enough to continue.

Participant’s feedbacks about this sharing session was very goodbecause it contributed and provided members with additional knowledge. They also got to know BSSC better after this kind of opportunity. Moreover, there are many participants who want this program to be held again. Reading those positive feedbacks from participants, we consider to held it again in the near future. So, there will be Sharing Session season 2. I really can’t wait!

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